The Brew Shop will be closed permanently by July 15 and we are quickly running out of supplies.  Feel free to call and make sure we have what you need in stock. 


The Brew Shop is proud to use a 3 roller Monster Mills Pro with 2" x  6" rollers and a 1/2" drive shaft.

 The MM3-Pro crushes all your grain twice, with one pass through the mill. It starts with a preliminary crush through the initial fixed gap between the top two rollers, and then ends with a pass through the second gap between the drive roller, and the bottom third roller. The initial pass slightly flattens the grain, and gets it ready for the next crush, that breaks apart the grains and loosens the starch with minimal husk damage.

For those of you that would like to mill your own grain at home, we stock the Monster Mills 2 roller and 3 roller mill, with the 1/2" drive shaft upgrade (hopper & base sold separately).
We will mill your grains free of charge!*  Please allow time for us to gather your order and to discuss substitutions, if necessary.
To keep our prices low, The Brew Shop staff will package your grain in as few bags as we can.  However, we will separate your ingredients if you request that in the "Special Instructions" box.
*We do not mill grain that is purchased at the bulk grain price.
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