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We currently have a large shipment of used

ball lock kegs for sale!

Bulk buys available, just call for details.

New class schedule is posted!

We now have one gallon equipment and extract kits for the new brewer on

your list.

We are adding new items all the time, so come on in and check us out!

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Don't have a lot of time to spare?

Pre-order your hops, yeast, & grain bill and have your recipe ready for pick-up at your convenience!  Click on the link below to visit our order tab.


We stock brew pots, wort chillers, false bottoms, hop spiders, mash paddles,  and many others.


 Whether you're kegging your own brew, or setting up your kegerator for commercial beer, we have what you need to get started. 

Store Hours​ Tuesday-Friday 11-7; Saturday 8-4; Closed Sunday & Monday;

Your Greater Fredericksburg Area Homebrew Supply Store

We specialize in providing quality homebrewing supplies at competitive prices.  We have extract kits, kegging equipment/parts, and anything else that you need for your brew day.  Right now we stock over 100 types of grains, 75 types of hops, and several strains of yeast (we can special order many more).  Also, we will mill your grain free of charge!*

*Not applicable to bulk grain sales.  See store for details.

We offer 5 lb CO2 tank exchanges for $22.95 + tax.  If you would prefer to have your own tank filled, you must come in after 4:30 p.m. Tuesday - Friday or from 8-3 on Saturday.  Please put your CO2 tank in the freezer prior to coming into the shop for a faster refill.

We stock grain, yeast, hops, adjuncts, chemicals, DME, LME, extract kits, wine kits, honey, etc.  We have everything that you need for your brew day!

The Brew Shop is proud to provide free classes for the novice or more experienced brewer.  Visit our Classes tab for more information.